Family Travel For The Summer In Punta Cana

Punta Cana has to be one of the world’s best summer vacation destinations, and while it has plenty of duty-free shopping experiences and vibrant nightlife on offer, there are many activities suitable for the whole family. You and the kids will undoubtedly love relaxing on the white sandy beaches that line the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and the destination’s cuisine ranges from local delicacies to international favorites to ensure everybody’s taste buds are satisfied.

However, to truly experience the magic and charm of Punta Cana, you should consider booking some adventure tours that promise something a little different. Below, this article details some of the most loved family tours of Punta Cana as well as some travel tips to help prepare you for the trip of a lifetime.

Cap Cana Adventure Buggies – A Thrilling Family Adventure

Punta Cana is primarily famous the world over for its undeniably beautiful beaches, but it also boasts magnificent inland sights that are best seen by driving an electric buggy. The kids can sit at the back and marvel at Punta Cana’s natural views while you maneuver the buggy through mud trials, Oceanside paths, and mountainous terrain. You’ll visit Juanillo beach, one of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful, where you’ll have the chance to swim in the waist-deep clear blue waters, and you’ll also be able to take a dip in the natural pool inside the Hoyo Azul cave.

Bavaro Splash Speed Boats – The Best Way to Navigate the Ocean

On this four-hour tour, an operator will pick you up from whichever hotel or villa you’re staying at and take you to a beautiful area of the ocean to enjoy mini speed boat rides and snorkeling adventures. Snorkeling gear, refreshments and a round trip to your accommodation are included in the price, and with both morning and afternoon appointments available, you can still fit plenty more activities into your day.


If you’re not keen on the idea of snorkeling, you might like to take the kids on a glass bottom boat to see the true beauty of the ocean. On tour, you’ll have the opportunity to swim alongside nurse sharks and stingrays in an enclosed marina, and the kids might enjoy letting fish eat food from their hands. Adults can also enjoy sipping a cold beer or cocktail in a natural pool while the kids remain enthralled with the underwater world that surrounds them.

Caribbean Buccaneers

This is an excursion that promises to entertain the whole family, but the kids especially. You’ll board a replica 16th-century boat and set sail with pirates reenacting the famous buccaneers who frequented the Caribbean in the 16th and 17th centuries. On the main deck, you’ll watch sword fights and dancing, practice your pirate slang, feast on delicious delights and head to the beautiful artificial Shark Island. The kids can even arm wrestle with the pirates, test their strength by picking up cannon balls, and gain a glimpse into the treacherous life of a pirate. That might even be asked to participate in some of the stage shows.

Super Truck Safari

The Super Truck Safari Tour is arguably the best way to experience the real Dominican Republic. The truck will take you to the Higuey region where you’ll witness local farms and cane fields, and depending on the time of year; you’ll visit a local school where you can get to know the children. You’ll be glad to know that the tour group sponsors a project that benefits the local communities. You’ll be taken to two ranches and see first-hand how the locals make products such as cocoa and coffee, and then you’ll enjoy a Dominican-style lunch after a horseback ride.

Additional Information

Punta Cana is laden with family-friendly accommodation choices, from all-inclusive resorts to the beautiful Lake Villa Cocotal community of luxury villas, which is situated right next to one of the destination’s most famous golf courses. A 30-day travel card costs just $10 on arrival, and after you’ve seen what Punta Cana has to offer, you’ll realize it’s the best way in the world to invest $10.


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