The Best Beaches in Punta Cana

When it comes to gorgeous beaches, Punta Cana is one of the best spots in the Caribbean.
The warm, crystal clear water laps against the soft sand and the palm trees sway in the breeze. The delightful sea breezes ruffle your hair and cool you down. Many of the beaches here have received the Blue Flag certification, which ensures that they are of a high standard when it comes to water quality, safety, environmental management and other services.

There are several different beaches here to choose from, whether you are looking for a place to eat a seaside meal, a place where the kids can play, a secluded spot to sunbathe, a vibrant and busy beach for socializing or a spot to enjoy activities and watersports.

So, when you come to Punta Cana bring your flip flops, sunscreen, beach towel, swimsuit, a floppy hat and a good book. You will want to linger on the sand for hours, splashing in the water and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Where should you go in Punta Cana if you want to enjoy the best beaches? Here are a few of the top sandy spots to check out. After all, even a bad day at the beach is better than a day at the office and life is always more enjoyable with sand between your toes.

Playa Macao

This beach is further away from the main Punta Cana resorts, so the atmosphere here is more tranquil and less touristy than the other beaches in the area. You will find mostly locals, just relaxing in the sunshine and having fun. The beach faces north, which means that it has huge waves and it is good for surfers. Playa Macao is also popular with dune buggy drivers, who love to zoom up and down the sand dunes.

The sand here is not brilliantly white in colour like some of the other beaches in Punta Cana, but it is still gorgeous. The waves gently lap against the beach and the water is clean and clear. In fact, it was designated by UNESCO as one of the Best Beaches in the Caribbean – so it certainly should be on your list to check out when you are in Punta Cana.

Playa de Arena Gorda

This is one of the most fun and laid back beaches in the Punta Cana area. You can chill out on a sunbed while soaking up the sunshine, or you can enjoy some of the energetic watersports here.

The name of this beach means “fat sand” and it refers to the wide, ample stretch of sand – one of the widest beaches in the DR. It stretches all the way from Ocean Blue Resort until the Hard Rock Cafe.

The water is exceptionally clean here, so Playa de Arena Gorda is a great place for swimming. It is also perfect for kids because the water is so calm.

Playa Bavaro

This is the main tourist beach in the North of Punta Cana. It is a long beach and when you walk down it in the evening it can seem like it never ends. It has a huge stretch of lovely sand as white as sugar and coconut palms lining the shore.

You can reach Playa Bavaro via the public access just south of Melia Caribe Tropical Resorts. Just walk through the gift shops and market in the parking lot and you will reach the beach. This beach is where most of the boat and catamaran tours in Punta Cana leave from and it is also a great place to embark on watersports adventures such as parasailing, speedboat rides and snorkeling.

Uvero Alto Beach

This is the beach furthest north in Punta Cana and it is a little off the beaten path, so it gets fewer visitors. If you are looking for somewhere to get some peace and quiet, this is a perfect place to relax.

The Uvero Alto Beach is home to the newest touristic development in Punta Cana, so there isn’t much infrastructure or places to eat in the area yet. Unless you are staying in one of the newer hotels in this area, there is not much reason why you would head this way. Therefore, you will have the beach mostly to yourself – with the exception of perhaps a few people on a horseback riding tour.

However, many new resorts are set to open in the near future so this area will likely change dramatically over the next few years.

Playa Juanillo

This is a lovely little palm-lined beach that is usually not very crowded. It is part of the Cap Cana Resort, but you can access it even if you are not staying at the resort. You just need to give over your driver’s license or your passport and you will receive a day pass.

Playa Juanillo is usually not very crowded and it is kept clean and well maintained. There is also a great little cafe and bar with an extensive menu, so you can have a drink or a snack. The food is a little more pricey than other spots in Punta Cana, but you might find that the exquisite view is worth the extra cost. You can also rent one of the little kayaks or small sailboats nearby.

El Cortecito

With the atmosphere of a quiet and peaceful fishing village, this beautiful small beach is a great place to relax. Within the chilled out area, you will find some gift shops, bars and markets – walk past them and the beachfront restaurants to get to the soft sand of this lovely beach.

El Cortecito is also the home of the famous seafood restaurant Captain Cook’s where you can feast on the delicious and fresh catch of the day. What could be better than enjoying fresh seafood and a beer while watching the sunset over the water?

These are just a few of the most beautiful beaches that Punta Cana has to offer. Which one is your favourite? Please let us know in the comments.

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